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Reviews of Vinnies Liverpool

by Sapphire

"I've been to many 2nd hand shop and this one gave me the most horrible experience. Their ongoing deal is 4 for $12 for clothes pricing under $10 each. I was there about 6 months ago picked 3 tops all under $10 and a boy hat lablled $5. But apparently to them, a hat is not considered as a clothing item. 6 months lather, the hat is still there. I forgave them. But today's experience was an eye opener on a whole new level. Me and 2 other girl friends on a day out, decided to have a look inside this store. My friend chose 3, I chose 1. However, the man( fat/middle age) refused to serve us stating we can't combine, that I had to pay $8 for my dress. So my friend said she'll pay for all of them, giving mine as a gift. He said no again, in a rude way. Then continue to called us "cheats" and other names. Of course we were super offended since we spend a long time choosing with good manners through out, we did nothing to deserve be treated like this. There was no sign stating its a "per person" rule. The other serving lady sided with him and cuts me off when I tried to calmly reason with them. If he could just apologised in a polite manner to insist it is the shop's policy, then I'll be totally okay with it. Nobody in retail should ever speak the wayhe did, like a thug. So we walked out, but that's not the end of it. I said to my friend in a low voice how I can't believe this. He yelled: "If you got something to say, say it to my face." Who is he to to tell me what I can or can not say. I wasn't even inside the shop anymore at that time. This totally ruined Vinnies image. Maybe another branch, but I will never shop at Liverpool Vinnies again. "