5 Nemarluk Drive, Ludmilla, Northern Territory
08 8985 0007


Mon - Fri 9-4:30
Sat 9 - 2

User Rating: 2 (1 vote)


http://www.anglicare-nt.org.au/contact/restore-ludmilla-op-shop/ Large but cluttered, prices often missing. Excellent pile of CDs and even DVDs.

Reviews of ReStore


"Used to be good... i don't spend my money much here now... heaps of stuff but too overpriced.... clothes aren't always in good condition but they want to charge u stupid prices.. dvds and games are never in their covers and overpriced. . The workers need to remember the items they get are donated! ! The prices have increased at a ridiculous rate and gone are there dollar days... sad coz this WAS my favorite. . Now.. lucky to bother once every 3 months !"