Steven Walter Children's Cancer Foundation - Op Shop Steven Walter Children's Cancer Foundation

150 Bathurst Road, Katoomba NSW. 2780
(02) 4782 7591


Mon - Fri 9-5pm
Sat - Sun 10-2pm

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 3 (4 votes)


Boutique-style charity shop

Reviews of Steven Walter Children's Cancer Foundation - Op Shop


"Not the best value for money, very, very expensive in fact. More private enterprise than " op shop""


"I have visited this op shop many times and have bagged quite a few bargains and would give this shop 5 stars for the cleanliness of the shop and the helpfullness of the staff there. They are doing a great job of raising funds for childrens cancer research. I would wholeheartedly support then over any of the other "op shops" in the local area. "


"Tried to buy a coat today from "boutique op shop 150 bathurst road" no price tag. All other coats were $22.50, so i asked the lady she says......$65! I said thats a bit much, considering its a second hand coat n all rest were $22.50 So I had a walk around had a think n went back to ask her best price she says......"Well I've found a tag that said when this was new it was $ I'll knock some off that, down to $265"! HAHA! She put it up to $265! After speaking to other people on the street and a woman who used to work for her I soon find out she alters prices in the back for maximum profits to herself! The whole place is a tax haven money making scheme and she's trying to buy up the whole corner of that street, and paying no taxes (as its a 'charity') is helping her. We'll never go in again. The robbing old sod! "


"Visited 23.9.16, had a lovely conversation with Helen Robertson how inspiring & passionate is she with her extraordinary voluntary work for the foundation, such a vision! We are looking forward to donating in the future to be sure! Sally & Noel Rippingale"