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502 Centre Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204
0419 896 178


Mon - Fri 9:00am to 5:30pm
Sat - Sun 10am to 4:00pm

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Continuing the charitable work, and in memory of, Sir George & Lady (May) Holland. Provides retail/office administration training to the long-term unemployed.

Reviews of The Holland Foundation Op Shop


"I am a former volunteer of The Holland Foundation, and I have learned the ugly truths about this organisation. During my time at the op-shop, I found the tasks to be under-whelming and I feel nothing but resentment towards the CEO, Grant Holland himself. The Holland Foundation pride themselves on the claim that they assist volunteers to obtain employment after working with them. I discovered however, that they just take credit for volunteers' success at finding work without any help from The Holland Foundation whatsoever. There was one volunteer I remember who found a job within less than two weeks after becoming a volunteer, which is not enough time to gain skills to land the job she applied for. The Holland Foundation will still count that as if they had a part to play and mark it on their tally board. This was before I left around May 2017 for personal reasons. My main reason for this negative review is due to a job application I went for during August 2017. I was actually going to be accepted for the role due to my interview and the test at the end being outstanding to that company. The only thing left was to call the referees and I would get started. I was very excited to start working there, but that's when the bad news came. My job search agency consultant informed me that I did not end up getting the role because one out of my four listed references gave negative feedback on me, claiming that I am not suitable for customer service. I have employment history in customer service. My JSA consultant told me the following week that when she called The Holland Foundation, she told me she was astonished at Mr. Holland not only failing to ask who was calling and the reason why, but readily provided my personal information from my file as an ex-volunteer to my consultant, again without security checks. After revealing this to me, she strongly suggested I take him off as a referee. I did so promptly. Due to Mr. Holland jeopardising my chance to not only obtain the role I wanted so much, but I can never apply for any role with that company ever again because they will have his remarks about me on file. He betrayed my trust and confidence. I believed that as a foundation who have been noted for amazing prestige and a positive influence on the community, that I was in safe and reliable hands. I was wrong."


"Amazing selection of clothing, footwear and head wear. Picked up some quality military attire, even a beret for $4! "