Salvos Dulwich Hill Family Store Salvation Army

360 New Canterbury Road DULWICH HILL NSW 2203
(02) 9518 1756


Mon - Fri 9-5
Sat 9-1

User Rating: 2 (1 vote)


723-725 New Canterbury Road

Reviews of Salvos Dulwich Hill Family Store


"It's pretty rare that I give an op shop a rating under 3, but this place is way overpriced. Examples include a Joy Division CD $12 and a men's suit $125 - not the sort of bargains you go op shopping for. They do have a good range, with a strong line in toys and quite a lot of books, but the staff know what they are selling. Unfortunately, they price it accordingly so I don't know how much of their stock actually moves out the door. The shop itself is on the cluttered side and the staff themselves are fine, but I don't see myself going back."