Aussie Veterans Opportunity Shop - Boronia Aussie Veterans Opportunity Shop

5 Erica Ave, Boronia VIC
9761 0468


Mon - Fri 10-4
Sat 10-2pm

User Rating: 4.7 (3 votes)


They have the best little Cafe connected to this opshop. They sell all home made food eg. curries, roasts, pies, toasties etc. cakes & drinks.

Reviews of Aussie Veterans Opportunity Shop - Boronia


"This is a great opshop and the best part it has a Cafe attached to it. So you can shop till you drop and then have a cuppa to recuperate. :-) People are nice and friendly too! And good prices."


"I have been there many times and it is sooo cheap that you are sure to find a bargain or 2, unlike some of the other stores that are much more pricey. Service is always friendly too."


"Excellent services and fantastic prices! I love the books"