Posh Opp Shop - Glen Huntly Non-Profit Organization

484 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick
(03) 9528 1777


Mon - Fri 10am-4.30pm
Sat 10:00-3:00
Sun Closed

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 3.1 (7 votes)


The shop raises money for in-school careers for disabled children in Melbourne. "Posh Op Shoppe" Formally located near Glen Huntly Station, now relocated to a bigger store at 484 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick. Money raised from the op-shop paid for in-school carers for 200 disabled Melbourne children. Shop is located one store down from Scared Heart Mission Op Shop Elsternwick.

Reviews of Posh Opp Shop - Glen Huntly


"Had the unfortunate experience of donating goods recently Two men come to my home and informed me they did not take homewares or China and did not take Jewish books They took what they wanted with no eye contact and when i commenced my wardrobe clear out I was able to donate many good quality items including some unworn items to another very well known charity who were much easier to deal with I feel very disappointed that dealing with Posh Op Shop was so unpleasant Helen"


"I personally think it is the Number 1 op-shop in Melbourne for the worlds top European designer labels, bags, shoes, jewellery & antiques by a very long mile. I know Rosalie personally & she has dedicated her life to the shop & is a very special person & a great humanitarian. "


" Today I had the absolute displeasure of interacting with the ‘manager’ of the Posh Opp Shoppe, or should I say, the rudest octogenarian I have ever come across. After hearing her gossip and moan about a customer who came back for being overcharged $1 to an employee I had no option but to step in, I stated that for some people a single dollar is the difference between a meal for her kids and a meal that the mother can also enjoy – She then asked what my problem was, I replied that things in this “op shop” are now too overpriced and that she should perhaps change the store name to the “Posh Antique store” – after showing her an empty perfume bottle for $8 (that couldn’t be reused) and a broken ornament for $30 she then jumped on her soap box and proceeded to tell me all of the wonderful things she does for people, then that she is sick, then told me I was rude and to get out of her store. I told her that true charitable people do not trumpet there good deeds from the mountains She then continued some nonsense story about paying for peoples items who can’t afford them, yet not 5 minutes before she was complaining/whinging/laughing about a woman who came back for $1, perhaps next time when you want to laugh about a customer with your staff make sure there are no other customers within ear shot. And this all from the woman claiming to be the manager, perhaps she is, perhaps she isn’t, all I do know is that a conditioning treatment for those split ends would not go astray. See, it’s easy to be rude – I only hope that in the future customers give you back the poor display that I saw from you today. Oh and don’t worry, I won’t be back, and after reading all of the negative reviews about you and your store online, both here on FB and many other reviews sites, im clearly not the only one. Jesus was a Martyr, you my dear are anything but, so stop trying to play the part with you ‘woe is me’ attitude. Kindest Regards, Oh, and one last thing, the customers within your store came up and thanked me outside afterwards for pulling you up, as did the woman who was overcharged the dollar, we had a great old chat next door at the Vinnies where we shop and donate now "


"I was asking for the receipt but they said they dont issue reciept coz of their no exchange no refund policy! It doesn't make sense, coz as a consumer we have the right to demand a receipt.. they suddenly change their price specially if they realize that the item you are buying is a designer/signature brand!! What a shame"


"There is a kind volunteer who tries to encourage the manager to set more reasonable prices. Alas without success. Glasses going for ten dollars a pop. Prices you'd expect from an antique shop not a charity shop. Shame."


"messy but always a treasure to be found"


"interesting to rummage through - a messy shambles of a place"