Bendigo (Whip Court) Salvos Salvation Army

9 Whip Court, Long Gully VIC 3550
(03) 5442 4656


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.00
Sat 9.00-1.00

User Rating: 3.3 (9 votes)

Reviews of Bendigo (Whip Court) Salvos


"Hello. I'm a little old lady looking for a tall bookcase. Found one today at your shop, for $40. It suited me exactly. Told the staffer that I'd like to buy it, and asked about delivery. He handed me a pro forma for a delivery company called Little Green Truck, which quoted a $40 delivery fee. I thought this a bit steep, given the cost of the bookshelf, but I accepted it, and rang them to organise the delivery. After this Jason person had taken my details, he said "Now that will be $55". "What? Your card says $40", I said in astonishment. "Oh yeah but that's GST on top" he said. "The bookcase only cost $40 - so with your delivery it would turn into a $95 purchase?" "I can come down to $50 but no more than that", he said. "Cancel then", I said, and also cancelled my purchase of the bookcase. I mean, really, it is an op shop and people are looking for and expecting bargains. Nobody is going to pay $40 for a bookcase and then $55 for delivery, especially if they are poor enough to need secondhand furniture. As a consequence, you lost my sale. If I can't find a friendly relative to help me with his trailer, then I've got no hope of buying anything from your shop which doesn't fit into a canvas shopping bag. Not good business practice, I wouldn't have thought. Thank you, Sandra Lacey "


"Was in there early of a morning recently, had to fight my way through the staff members out the front of the entrance of the shop (not even 10 metres away) smoking, not a good look considering the Manageress was in the thick of it enjoying her choof also!!!!! I waited and waited at the counter for service after making my selection, but it seemed that the three team members on the floor had tunnel vision.. "


"the prices are just to much i can by new stuff for some of these prices "


"great range of clothing and furniture"


"A wide selection of clothing, but little in the way of vintage. Some great retro furniture from time to time, though. And a good book selection."


"One of my favourite op-shops"