Lighthouse Op Shop - Currumbin Lighthouse Community Services

2/48 Currumbin Creek Rd, Currumbin, Qld
07 5521 0542


Mon - Fri Monday 9.00-4.00
Sat - Sun Closed

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 3 (2 votes)


Lighthouse supports the victims of domestic violence and has both a food pantry and soup kitchen on the Gold Coast. We offer second-hand quality clothing and accessories, manchester, books, CDs and DVDs, toys, electrical, paintings and bric-a-brac. We accept good quality, clean and undamaged items. Thank you for your interest in our shop.

Reviews of Lighthouse Op Shop - Currumbin


"I visited the op shop today and had one of my worst shopping experiences ever! I wanted to buy a dress when I was told it wasn't priced yet. I said I am happy to wait as I wanted to buy it to make a skirt out of it. The lady was not very helpful, saying she needs to look up the brand first before marking it. I replied I don't care what brand it is, I want it anyway. She did then ask me to put another shirt back as it wasn't marked either. I said, this is an opportunity shop, not a boutique. They get everything donated! These shops should be for people that haven't got a huge budget to spend. She then replied people come and buy items and sell them online. I replied that this is not her business what people do. Anyway, after being told I cannot buy items that she hasn't checked for brand names yet, I decided to go elsewhere to buy fair priced op shops where it is about people and not money making. Very sad, as in the past I donated a lot of quality items there. No longer will I do so. "


"Happened to find this wonderful place off chance while driving by. This is well worth a visit. With two levels to explore this shop is well stocked, extremely well organised and well priced. I purchased kitchen and home items or very high quality. There is a second level devoted to books, and music. The staff clearly take great pride in their presentation and care of customers. A great find. "