5 Nemarluk Drive, Ludmilla, Northern Territory
08 8985 0007


Mon - Fri 9-4:30
Sat 9 - 2

User Rating: 3 (2 votes)


http://www.anglicare-nt.org.au/contact/restore-ludmilla-op-shop/ Large but cluttered, prices often missing. Excellent pile of CDs and even DVDs.

Reviews of ReStore


"Very full and not as well organised as other op shops but friendly staff and if you take the time you will find treasures"


"Used to be good... i don't spend my money much here now... heaps of stuff but too overpriced.... clothes aren't always in good condition but they want to charge u stupid prices.. dvds and games are never in their covers and overpriced. . The workers need to remember the items they get are donated! ! The prices have increased at a ridiculous rate and gone are there dollar days... sad coz this WAS my favorite. . Now.. lucky to bother once every 3 months !"