Scout Opp Shop Scouts Victoria

61-63 High St, Maryborough Vic
(03) 5461 1880


Mon - Fri 10am - 3 pm
Sat - Sun closed

User Rating: 3.7 (3 votes)


Nearer to the corner of Inkerman St, on High St. A good range of shoes and clothing for all ages. They also sell books, toys, kitchenware, bags and a small amount of furniture.

Reviews of Scout Opp Shop


"I love your op shop plenty in there all the time, prices are good everything cheap I have found so many awesome items from there .We come over now and then to visit from Bendigo , Just wish I could afford some of those beautiful antique items in the other half of the op shop .Thankyou for such a great op shop "


"god help us $4 for a saucer, now that would depend on the saucer .... but really think that if you want the darn saucer $4 is not a lot to pay for something they have put on display for you to purchase .... go without one cup of coffee ?????? I don't know exactly what it would be but I definitely know the building is not cheap rent and the overheads would not be low, where do you think the money comes from to pay these !! Would love to know what you are insinuating here with 'where is the money going' and 'hope someone checks your books', I would say this op shop will survive without you !! "


"I find the things in your store very expensive to the point I'm wondering where the money goes to, I thought it was a charity story. Not a store where prices are out of reach for people to buy things. I have always come to your store in Maryborough, but lately I was warned and could not believe it as I had loved the store I was so wrong, now all I can do is tell other people to stay away, especially when you charge $4 for a saucer. I liked it better with the older staff everything has changed for the worse recently. You want everything for free but charge like wounded bulls to make some money for who, I hope someone comes to check out your books"