Cannington Salvos Salvation Army

1299 Albany Highway, Cannington WA 6107
(08) 9356 5399


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

User Rating: 2 (8 votes)

Reviews of Cannington Salvos


"This Salvos looks like it has the most traffic and easily accessible for public transport BUT the people that need it can’t afford to shop here. It is way overpriced. Salvos register as not for profit, however this should be reviewed. Before covid they were taking advantage of the work for the dole scheme. It is not widely known, but is unfortunate that the salvos receive over 50k from Govt for 10 work for the dole people for 6 months. Meanwhile, the work for the dole participants get $20 to make sure they can get public transport to get there! While they are exploiting work for the dole, their managers are being offered bonuses for increased sales. All Salvos in WA have become too expensive for poverty and low income to shop in, not just Cannington. There needs to be an enquiry into this business empire"


"The most expensive Salvos in Perth. Almost everyghing is over priced. It is so sad.. This is supposed to be a charity. It is located in the middle of one Perth's poorest suburbs. It is jam packed with good that were donted to the Salvos by people who wanted to do something to help and the Salvation Army have turned their backs on the poor people in this community. Not everyone wants to stand in line and wait to be interviewed to see if they deserve a welfare handout in the form of a voucher. People should be able to discreetly go shopping for some cheap but decent items. Especially in the days of covid-19. I did try to speak to the manager some time ago and he just shrugged and bruskly stated "all stores are different" and he then walked off. It was as if he had heard this time and time again and was fed up answering the question. Come on Salvos, you could do so much better?"


"This is the most expensive second hand store in WA. What dingaling decides what is ‘boutique’ I’ll never know, but Sussan and Emerson are not boutique. Nor are men’s shirts from Big W. $19.90 for a very average men’s shirt? $29 for a jacket from Next (probably little more than it cost new). The main fellow who runs this place is so hostile. They are running this like it is a flipping boutique! Is isn’t a boutique. It’s a second hand store which is selling donations. I have stopped donating to Salvos after the treatment I received here. Someone recently donated all their great cowboy boots. If they knew the Cannington store was going to try to sell them all off at exorbitant prices, they’d probably have chosen somewhere else. I saw a person who really needed some shoes and really loved these boots. When asking about the price he was humiliated at the counter. Poor fella. "


" I had a ladies top that was $7 & when getting served the man said $12 I said look at the tag it's $7, so he then told another staff member to take the top out back for a price? & told him he thinks it should be $12, He came back & said $12!!! Then argued the price!infront of the whole shop! very Rude & the general prices are very expensive! I will never go back again! "


"Recently renovated so the store looks good & lots of stock but ridiculous prices. $17.50 for a ladies shirt - not a brand name item or with tags on - is not acceptable for a second had shop. Won't go back again."


"nice store just been renovated the furniture in the store is great. the store is very big so your bound to find something you love."


"crazy over priced!!! they are next door to two other opshops and across the road from another, and it blows my mind why anyone would buy anything here after seeing the prices in the other stores. i bought a new stick blender from myer a few weeks ago and when i was in this store yesterday they were trying to sell one for 100 dollars!! same brand as the one i bought but old and 20 dollars more than what i paid in myers!!! ridiculous!!!"


"Big lots of furniture and books, worth your time"