Fyshwick Salvos Store Salvation Army

15 Mildura Street, Fyshwick
(02) 6239 0113


Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat 9:30 - 3pm

User Rating: 2.8 (8 votes)

Reviews of Fyshwick Salvos Store


"One of the biggest Op shops I've been to. Several young men working who were very pleasant and helpful. The clothes section is HUGE and organised by coloured tag (the week it came in). There is usually a colour that is half price that week. Prices are reasonable... $6-8 for a top, $10- 12 for a jacket or pants. Ideally, I'd rather the clothes organised by size but I was still able to find some great pieces. "


"I was on a visit to Canberra, stayed near Manuka and heard there was a Salvos in Fyshwick. Took a long walk there and was so disappointed with the staff there. Actually the big, older woman attending to cashier. She was nagging at everything customers touched, nagged about a fitting room door that was shut with no one inside. She actually shouted at a customer " is there someone in that last room? No that one...the last one!" Why should a customer do her job? Another customer asked to see some jewellery behind the glass counter, and the same staff responded ," can you speak up, can't hear ya behind the glass". This may be a discount store, charity store, but she is still in a retail and service industry. Get out of the seat and provide some service for once. Learn some manners. Treat customers with some respect. I was totally disgusted with her and walkedout immediately. Totally disgraceful Salvos, if you allow people who represent you behave like that. I would sack her and let her find another job if she could. And if not she can reflect and learn from her bad behaviour , and hopefully learn to treat people who pay her wages more kindly. "


"The biggest op shop I have ever seen and the things they have is wonderful "


"I went to salvo today I took my sister along .as soon we went in we heard the voice of the manager with the Heath on.. She was telling staff to do this and that she was almost screaming. I approced the counter to look at the jewelleries and she didnt even annolage that I was there. My sister call me to go where she was a set of plate not perfect plates missing the cost was$250.00 my sister was very surprised My sister coomnted on the manager saying she is not a nice person. She don't care about the people shopping at the store she looks at people with bad eye."


"One of the biggest Op-shops in Canberra, upstairs featuring an enormous collection of clothes, a smattering of furniture out the back, and the basement downstairs stuffed to the gills with all manner of bric-a-brac, CDs, toys and books. Children's clothes, women's and men's separates are generally good quality and multiple sizes. For some reason the dress collection runs small, and the linens tend to be quite eh. IMO the basement is what makes this worth a visit - mugs, glasses, DVDs, books and toys galore, no prices on them but priced at the register - usually a few dollars."