Good Sammy's Willetton Good Sammy

4 / 147 High Rd 6155
9259 4600


Mon - Fri 9am - 5:30pm
Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 12noon - 4pm

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 2.6 (5 votes)

Reviews of Good Sammy's Willetton


"Just left with a big load of stuff with my elderly MIL. Huge place, great finds. But it seems to be a customer service strategy there to just be absolutely unfriendly to shoppers like they expect you to run off with the stuff. The guy at the tills seemed to have been hired just to scowl at customers. Was scowling when we entered and was just unpleasant as we were paying for our stuff. I see the same comments about the staff here, so it wasn’t just that they were having a bad day today. They’re apparently unpleasant all the time. Such a confusing and disappointing behaviour, like why would you be do something you hate? It’s just bad vibes and bad business all around. "


"I have been shopping at this store on and off. They have a good range of products and price range from low to quite high. I prefer to buy from target k-mart big w for clothes now as for a few dollars more you can get new. The staff and manager are unfriendly, and cashiers could do with better training. The shop is organised into areas but heavily cluttered /over stocked. "


"Staff are not customer focused and never smile. Prices are high and no loyalty recognition AT ALL . I have been spending my money regularily in this store and spend over $50 each week. Yesterday I saw two chairs which I loved and was really keen to purchase. I was on lunch break and didn't have all the cash they required . So I asked if I could leave a 50% deposit ($70) and pick up and pay the balance in the morning. I got told - Sorry No! Cum on guys even Meyer will do that. The new manager is in need of some training cause she comes across as a witch and condescending "


"Large store. Clothing section so cluttered it is slightly overwhelming. Good selection of furniture, toys & bric- -brac so always something interesting to find. Staff friendly & helpful."


"Whoever sets prices is either greedy or delusional or both. This is supposed to be a place where the POOR can afford what they would otherwise go without. I feel disgusted when I see the prices, but even moreso when I overheard a conversation between the.manager and a little old pensioner today. The lady asked if she was the manager and when she said "yes" she asked if they could negotiate on a broken down old doll for her grandaughter. They were asking a ridiculous $50.00 the manager very abruptly said "$40.00" and the pensioner politely declined. As she walked away i heard the store i manager turn to her colleague and say "they come in here wanting handouts." People dont go into the GOOD SAMARITANS wanting "handouts" but a "hand UP". The staff in Willetton are often rude and very abrupt, and I cant emphasise the over pricing enough. New towels at KMART are $6 right now. Good Sammys are old used some yukky and they ask $5! $60 on ladies boots! The china (if it looks old or antique) is beyond pricey for THE WEALTHY! Give poor people a break and make the manager pull her head in!"