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51 Kensington Rd, Kensington 5068
8333 2804


M - F 1000 - 1600, St 0930 - 1230

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Reviews of Quakers - Kensington


"I have been coming to this little shop for many years, to donate to & buy from. In less than 24hrs, my donation of a reasonable sized bundle of VERY GOOD quality & condition clothing has mysteriously disappeared from the shops sorting area. I say this because I had delivered a donation yesterday between 1-2pm, but on this occasion had to request sorting through what I had donated as I had accidentally scooped up a scarf into the bundle, which was not intended for donation! Not only were we unable to locate my scarf, but NOT ONE of the items I had donated only the day before!? I am REALLY hoping my belongings reappear. It has sadly aroused an uneasy feeling in me about whether all donations are in fact used as donations for the Quaker shops intended purpose!!! It is pure coincidence that a scarf which I didn't intend to be donated, has led me to discover that my entire donation from yesterday is nowhere to be found!!! Not even out for sale!!!!??? "


"Sweet little shop. The range isn't huge, but it is very well priced and it is very well sorted. Bigger op shops should take note!"