Red Cross Superstore Hampstead Gardens Red Cross

317 North East Road, Hampstead Gardens
08 8367 5344


Mon - Sat 9-5
Sun 12-4

User Rating: 3.3 (6 votes)


Reviews of Red Cross Superstore Hampstead Gardens


"I visited this store and grabbed some shopping. Before I left I felt that I was really pressed and needed to use the toilet for a short call. I Kindly requested if I could be allowed to use the toilet but it was so unfortunate that the same lady who served me in the counter said, their policy doesn't allow them for their customers to use the toilet. I wondered what humanity really means if someone cannot be kind enough to allow you to pee in the toilet for such a big organisation that I have been respecting and shopping from for a while."


"Great store. But last time I was there. Found a wardrobe that I wanted was willing to leave a deposit then pay off within 3 weeks. Not interested in helping me wouldn't even hold it so I could arrange getting money from family member. On pension so don't have 200 dollars lying around very disappointed "


"wow huge store sells everything great range and prices very friendly staff"


"Big store, but a bit pricey."


"Huge shop, it has a lot of new fashions that have been donated at cheap prices, not much in the way of kids clothes. I once found a YSL bag there for $3.00"


"store has a huge range of new goods at moderate prices. i once found a YSL bag here for $3.00!!"