Rotary Opportunity Shop - Glenroy Rotary Opportunity Shop

cnr Waterloo Rd and Glenroy Rd, Glenroy VIC
9306 1289


Sat 9:00-12:00

User Rating: 2.5 (4 votes)

Reviews of Rotary Opportunity Shop - Glenroy


"I occasionally shop here, but they are certainly not cheap as far as opportunity shops go. I was charged $8.00 for a deck of cards that were contained in a tin. Other than being in a tin, the cards were nothing special, and I only bought them because I wanted them as a gift and did not know where else I could find them. They were in brand new condition, but still, that is an awfully high price for a deck of cards from an opportunity shop. It is only a small store, and they do seem to squeeze an awful lot in there, but if you have the time to poke around, there are some good bargains for clothing and manchester if you look.Mostly it would be older stock that they have not been able to sell faster. They do have racks out the front with their cheaper clothing options and I have found the occasional good bargain there. Also, at times the store does leave some of their goods out the front of the store overnight. A lot of locals are unaware of this, but I have been told by the store staff that if an item is left out overnight, they are offering to give that item away to whomever wants it. Sometimes its just rubbish that is not worth collecting, but sometimes they do leave out items that may be useful or helpful to others, it could just need a good clean or a little work to bring it up to a reasonably good standard. "


"I always find something I love. I was lucky enough to pop in the other day when they had 50% off clothes so purchased 5 items for $10.50. A lot better priced them other charity shop I visit. Its a tiny shop, but very organised I feel and the staff very friendly."


"25/06/2010 - Priced as normal suburban op shop, not that cheap although everyone claims it to be so. In addition, the organisation of the shop also need work. "


"very cheap, though it is messy an unorganized"