Rotary Opportunity Shop - Glenroy Rotary Opportunity Shop

cnr Waterloo Rd and Glenroy Rd, Glenroy VIC
9306 1289


Sat 9:00-12:00

User Rating: 2.3 (3 votes)

Reviews of Rotary Opportunity Shop - Glenroy


"I always find something I love. I was lucky enough to pop in the other day when they had 50% off clothes so purchased 5 items for $10.50. A lot better priced them other charity shop I visit. Its a tiny shop, but very organised I feel and the staff very friendly."


"25/06/2010 - Priced as normal suburban op shop, not that cheap although everyone claims it to be so. In addition, the organisation of the shop also need work. "


"very cheap, though it is messy an unorganized"