Salvos Nowra Family Store Salvation Army

Unit 2/182 Princess Highway SOUTH NOWRA NSW 2541
(02) 4421 7475


Mon - Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 3.7 (3 votes)

Reviews of Salvos Nowra Family Store


"This store is just greedy and not for the needy - absolutely ridiculously high prices for items - $120 for a pink vinyl lounge that is torn discoloured and filthy $80 for a single chair $9 t-shirts that you could get for $3 in Kmart - people need to let them know this is not right - lost my business"


"Peter, you haven't been there for a while, apparently, because there has been some improvement. Feels like a department store now, downside, some of the prices reflect the "department store" vibe."


"This is very much a mixed bag. The shop is there, but not quite in the location shown on the map. You need to come in off the side road just before the roundabout (on your left if you're heading south), then follow the signs through to a very dilapidated looking building set back from the main street. That sense of dilapidation remains when you head inside. It feels dark, dingy and rather overcrowded - very low end. On the upside, there's a huge range of stock, almost all of it clothing. It's laid out OK, but you almost need a torch to see what you're viewing along the inner racks. Curiously, it was also fairly crowded with customers when I was there, which suggests that the turnover is relatively high. I actually found some really good vintage gear here, so don't dismiss it, but do go in expecting not to come out dancing!"