All Saints Opportunity Shop Ascot Vale The Anglican Parish of All Saints Ascot Vale

215 Union Rd, Ascot Vale VIC
9326 2245


Mon Monday 10 to 3
Tue Tuesday 10 to 3
Wed Wednesday 10 to 3
Thu Thursday 10 to 3
Fri Friday 10 to 3
Sat Saturday 10 to 3
Sun Closed

User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)


Sells donated goods

Reviews of All Saints Opportunity Shop Ascot Vale


"I am a local and have been coming here for 10 years since my children were toddlers and have purchased many great clothing, books etc in those 10 years. Although I pop in regularly none of the "regular" staff have ever bothered to say Hello or get to know my name or me. Something which has always surprised me since I have come to know quite a few traders along Union Road over the years. They are however polite and friendly when making my purchase so I have come to accept this as just the way they are. I always try to make sure I have cash but sometimes I tend to just pop in for a browse while shopping and if I see something and I don't have enough cash I will get them to put the purchase aside while I go to an ATM . I was in there the other day and saw an apron for $5 (I upcycle old teatowels and aprons into tops) I had $4.15 on me and asked if they could discount 85cents .They would not. I needed to go get a dollar and come back. Needless to say I left the apron and won't be going back. A little bit of my faith in people's humanity was lost that day. Dont always assume people are out to scam . "


"This is a great shop with a tram stop only 1 minute away. Check out the bargains outside the shop before going in....but the bargains don't end inside the shop. The volunteers are friendly and willing to assist with anything. Note that they are only a cash shop, no EFTPOS there."