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User Rating: 2.9 (10 votes)

Reviews of Vinnies Burwood


"I love exploring around, some good finds. Staff super unfriendly especially the one with the long ponytail!. and the regular tall guy who somewhat needs a wash!"


"Was a regular customer, Not no more... VERY RUDE Italian or Greek female staff member in her 50’s. Basically opened the change room while I was trying on pants to see if I was shop lifting. Then she said “it’s because we get a lot of shoplifters that look similar to you”!! 12pm Tuesday 24/09/19"


"This is a bigger shop with a lot of stock - furniture, clothing, accessories, jewellery, books crockery etc. I've shopped here several times. I've found the staff are in general unfriendly and indifferent. The stock is over-priced and inconsistently priced. For example a top could be $8.00 or it could be $12.00 or more. Sometimes the stock is clearly damaged but they still charge too much, based on the brand on the tag. It doesn't matter if it's a high end brand if you can't wear it. Some of their stock is priced near the price you would find in Target or K-Mart. I also find that their change rooms are not very private. They're right in the middle of the shop and have curtains that don't draw all the way. My advice to them is to check the stock more carefully, be more consistent and fair with pricing and remember that many of the people that come there are in need themselves. That's why they shop there. Also it doesn't hurt to smile."


"Used to shop here back in the day but not anymore the service here is appalling the dark hair ponytailed greek/ italian lady is so rude i think her name is Tatiana she is a nasty horrible person ive seen her talking bad/bitching about customers to another worker named Glen while i was right next to her looking at things ive seen her also screaming at non- english speaking customers making fun of them as well overly priced and so expensive wont be back anytime soon"


"Visited this store with my sister recently and was very very shocked at the ridiculously unrealistic prices! Who are you kidding Vinnies??!! Everyone loves an op-shop bargain but sadly there are very few such finds here. This place saps the joy out of op-shopping. And the staff are incredibly rude to their customers - especially one particular white haired angry old lady at the checkout till! I think it's time you retired! Will never be back to Vinnies Burwood - heaps of better, well priced, and happier staffed op shops to be found elsewhere people! Boo to this place! "


"Great range of items and good prices.Great selection of branded clothes.....no Kmart etc clothes! Very tidy and I found the staff very helpful. Would never ask for discount in an op shop. Worth a visit any day."


"Yes, I find the items are now overpriced. I can buy cheaper clothes at Kmart and other shops and they are first hand. And if I ask the counter person if I can bargain they will always say 'we are not charity stores'. Turns me off. I donate a lot of clothes and items to Vinnies and the like, and it turns me off if they say such a thing to me. Vinnies should check Kmart prices before tagging their prices."


"The prices here have gone crazy! I do a lot of Op Shopping and avoid this place now- it is way too expensive for second hand.They do have a deal of 3 items for $12 if the items are under $10, but good luck finding something decent under $10...Go to Salvos up the road"


"There are some good finds here, however this shop is over-priced in my opinion. Also, if you are going to charge near retail prices in a charity shop at least provide retail style change room facilities. The curtains in the change rooms are too narrow and don't afford privacy. I'm sure there are plenty of curtains that come through in donations that could be used to rectify the problem."


"wow, over priced (all their ties are $5, what?) and a mess! Looks like a jumble sale shop, but high end prices. "