1308 - 1310 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen NSW 2101
(02) 9913 3666


Mon - Fri 9AM-5PM
Sat 9AM-2PM
Sun Closed

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Reviews of Vinnies Narrabeen


"This store is a complete joke. This is not an op shop - more like a rip-off shop. How do they justify some of their pricing when it is more expensive than the items brought brand new. No one in their right mind would buy your kindly donated goods at these whatever-number-pops-out-of-my-head prices. You are in Narabeen, not Vaucluse - maybe you should check out the prices in op shop in more affluent areas, that would be educational. If I want antique, I will go to an antique store. Vinnies Narrabeen - you are not an antique store, but cast-off products. "