Salvos - Port Kennedy Salvation Army

23 Saltaire Way, Port Kennedy WA 6179
(08) 9524 6987


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)


23 Saltaire Way,Port Kennedy

Reviews of Salvos - Port Kennedy


"I realise you should check items you buy from an op shop before purchasing, but I also know good op shops have their volunteers checking the quality of the donations. NOT this store. Discovered a skirt I purchased wasn't a possible shimmering material but that it had been bleached accidently by previous owner. It's not the first time I've discovered a rather big problem with my purchases especially from this store. Rips in clothing, stains. Make sure you inspect the items closely. Don't have this problem at Vinnies! Not a large selection of plus size clothing. Their 'boutique' area takes the fun out of hunting for an awesome find, and I bet the dealers & resellers are in there quickly as the stock levels are usually pretty thin anyway. It is a VERY LARGE store, LOTS of toys, bric-a-brac, frames, photo albums etc. Some of their pricing is good & some not so much. "


"Great store! Always clean and tidy. The staff are friendly and helpful. Clothes are plentiful! You can almost always find a bargain. Brica brac. Household items. You will need plenty of time to look around. A Salvos store that has something for everyone and definately not run on greed like the Cannington store appears to be."