Wendouree Salvos Salvation Army

1225 Howitt Street, Wendouree VIC 3355
(03) 5338 1629


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 4 (2 votes)


Salvo's Store

Reviews of Wendouree Salvos


"Took a donation into the store today and was told by the woman working there that they did not accept donations, they were inundated with donations and she was annoyed at me doing so.... I thought this was the way they got their stock and I just wanted to help them make money!!"


"The best Salvos store in the Ballarat area. Clean, tidy, and a pleasant experience to browse amongst the various variety of items in store. From books, clothing, (a lot new and very reasonable prices), clean, cheap and not junky furniture, to the large display of bric a brack. And all in an air conditioned store. A great job with the renovations guys. "