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User Rating: 2 (5 votes)

Reviews of Penrith Salvos


"I shop here regularly.. The store has been cleaned up a lot if not to much.. I find the racks don't have as much clothing on them anymore which limits the variety available. I Don't know weather they aren't getting the stock in or whats happening,. I have heard the manager doesn't like toys and doesn't like to order many clothes. I don't know if this is true or not ..But I feel when I come in its the same old clothing week afterweek. Nothing new is added. If u goto the bra or undie section some of that stuff has been there forever .. I know they do rag out once a week but I personally think they need to fill the racks like it used to be.. it is good there isn't as much clutter as before.. Also once again brand names and there prices,.. ways to high for a charity shop. I do realise a lot of the charity shops have specials but by the time the clothing I like comes around its gone. or the stuff left on special isn't very good,,The 2 guys running the place but all other staff are very welcoming and polite .."


"It's ok it's been cleaned up and organised better than it was 6months ago,they need to keep turning over stock though...."


"I am frustrated at this particular store because I ask for the price tag of an item and it doesn't have one and if the staff don't like you they make up the price for the items on the spot so you could essentially be paying more than what you originally thought consider whether its worth it , the staff are rude and the shop is very very very overpriced go somewhere else."


"Seriously overpriced. Chipped and worn out glass and crockery has big price tags if it looks even slightly vintage. Does have a lot of stuff in the shop. "