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Mon - Fri 9am - 4.30pm
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Reviews of Lifeline Shop Mayfield


"Gidday mates, Firstly, full disclosure. Let me confess that i currently work at this op-shop and are subject to the bias and nepotism inherent in enjoying the place i work. I see that the reviews beside me are quite scathing. While i can't comment on the accuracy/legitimacy of the events in the review by TheSolid, i CAN attest that previous Manager made it a priority to overprice a majority of stock. I noticed the same change(in those days i was a customer and not a volunteer)and echo Rickie's sentiment and say you should never have to leave an op-shop feeling like you've overpaid or paid retail. All this sounds bad but fear not intrepid bargain hunter. This op-shop is back on track and rocking hard with thrifty vibes for all. One of the mor eccentric and theatrical op-shops i've ever been too. Not over the top but fun and welcoming. Has a very old school feel which is hard to come by (something that should be preserved imo). The new manager is both attractive, neurotic, cheerful but above all sensitive to both the shops family of volunteers, the charity cause that it represents(assisting people with the treatment and prevention of suicide) and making sure that the stock is priced appropriately. The only negative i'll mention as a real show stopper here is that Lifeline recently decided to stop offering customer recycled bags donated by customers or volunteers. They replaced this ecologically conscious effort to recycle with paper bags offered to the customer for 1$. Which is both overpriced and often leaves the customer with a sour looks when leaving. I don't like it and i'm going to fight this move by lifeline on an independent basis using rational thought and motivational speeches. I hope you found this Review informative. Please like and subscribe. "


"This ol' oppy USED TO be great. the new manager has priced things way beyond any pensioners means i really do not understand who they are catering for? Rich people dont need to shop at op shops! a basic plastic container they want $5 for. really ill do better going to kmart and so should you !!"


"A long time ago. Maybe like 10-ish years ago. Someone I know use to volunteer at this place for a while. Can't exactly remember how long this person worked for. But they were accused of stealing money from the managers bank which she didn't fucking do! Fuck this place and fuck the manager."