The Top Shop Kingdom Life Ministries

Craigmore Shopping Village 176 Yorktown Road Craigmore


Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-3pm

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 2 (4 votes)

Reviews of The Top Shop


"Seriously you need to look at your pricing, it is ridiculous. Eg kmart $6 tinned candle was used and $7. Think your store is overflowing due to insane pricing. Will not be returning "


"Every time without fail when i visit here, the grumpy old man is swearing his head off. Way to promote turning to god. The staff are always rude and obnoxious and that man is just awful to have around children or anyone. The prices are just WAY over the top. For an organisation that is based on faith and helping the community i'd like to say... You aren't doing a very good job. "


"I have regularly visited this store, since you opened. I was there as the shop was even being set up. Very little was for sale, however I wanted to support a local business, so was happy to visit as much as I could. Unfortunately, I am incredibly disappointed with my recent visit. I received verbal confirmation of a sale of clothes being in effect all this week on Saturday, the 24th of October and upon arriving, I saw all the racks contained signs stating the sale too. I made a special trip with my daughter to your business. I was there for almost an hour picking out some much needed summer clothing, the assistants saw me collecting my items the whole time, but only once I got the counter I was told that the sale wasn't on anymore. Much to my dismay and even after expressing my concerns, I was dismissed and sent on my way. Now, regardless of any error made with the confirmation I received and with signs not taken down, by SA fair trading laws, the advertised price must have been honoured. Not only will I leave this review and express my disappointment on my Facebook wall, which I have a right to do, I will also be making a formal complaint with the SA fair trade ombudsman. One another note, selling a McDonald's toy which is free with a happy meal, for $3 is absurd. That pricing is taking advantage of the most vulnerable members of society and is completely unconscionable. I am a single mother of two special needs children, fighting Breast cancer and barely surviving. I turn to op shops, in the hope that I can adequately clothe my children and myself. I certainly no longer trust your business to help people like me. However, I will still pray for you."