St Mary Op Shop St Mary's Anglican Church

47 Peel Terrace


Mon - Fri 9-4
Sat - Sun Not open

Eftpos: No

User Rating: 4.5 (4 votes)


Converted house. Lots of variety. Well organised.

Reviews of St Mary Op Shop


"I loved this little shop. It is like op shops used to be like before they went all corporate and formulaic. Set in a little house so potter through all the rooms and don't forget to go to yard and sheds out the back where there is more! All seriously well priced. A lovely lady serving and a really nice place to be. Well done to all concerned. "


"This op shop provides a great service and it is heartening to read that they are independent. So pleased that they have access and are able to supply the Womens' Refuge. But I would like to ask the generous time sharing ladies whom I have encountered on my few visits there dropping stuff to please smile. Sadly on no occasion have I been greeted with a simple smile, or shown any appreciation for the donations I make. If these ladies don't like working there please move aside for some who may. I know it is a charity shop and you are giving up your time (I also do volunteer work) but there is no kindness shown when one enters there. I have not been thanked for my donations just told sternly where to place my stuff. Nobody smiles, this is very sad. The people who shop there may already be doing things tough, so a little bit of kindness and friendliness would go along way. I wish you all the best. "


"Heartfelt gratitude to Annie for the sheets. They made it to the Perth design studio and the team are madly sewing koala and joey pouches for the animal rescue craft guild! ♥️"


"St Marys OP shop is one of the last remaining true in meaning opportunity shops in Busselton. Not only are the prices truly affordable but volunteer staff believe in helping those in need. They have not gone commercial and are not answerable to any head office in Perth. If you are truly in need Tony or any of the staff will direct or assist you in any way they can. I have witnessed this on many occasions and it is wonderful to see and know we have such caring people still in our community. I highly recommend St Mary's Op shop and St Mary's Church for giving so much to the community,those in need and the youth programs that they run. Really top job all and don't change a thing,your all a blessing,Kindest Regards with Thanks Ali Beazley"