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Good quality recycled clothing, labels , leather goods, reasonable prices. A percentage of sales goes to support asylum seekers.

Reviews of Preloved


"I am a forty yr old mum who is plus sized - I was recommended to go to Fiona when I said I was going over seas to a warm climate ( in the middle of a Melbourne winter) to renew my vows after 20 years of marriage. I would also like to add I hate shopping for clothes and was on a limited budget. Fiona was amazing !! She went above and beyond to what I ever would have expected - After the initial phone call - two days later she had organised me to meet her on a Thursday evening ) opening later to fit in with my work schedule ) to try on numerous gowns she had found - of which I found the perfect one - then also went to the trouble of finding different outfits that may work for my holiday - which I would also be able to wear for work when I returned. The next week she called to say she had found a few more pieces if I wanted to have a look - back I went again and many were perfect ! It does not stop there, Fiona also found accessories and even went to the trouble of looking at what make - up would work ( I know nothing about that kind of thing ) It really was the whole thing - outfits, shoes, accessories and makeup - of which I may add she makes a lot of her own. To top it all off she organised for someone to alter the dress that I had picked for my special day - as I mentioned she really could not have done anymore - This is not a second hand shop - many pieces that Fiona sources are BNWT - pieces are often brand name and at a minimum quality clothing . No they are not going to be op- shop prices - as this is not what this place is about or the service that is provided. If you are looking for outstanding personal service, a special outfit or a personal stylist that will go above and beyond - then please look no further than Fiona"


"This is not actually an opshop but very cute with good quality recycled clothing, Jewellery and shoes/bags. Still worth a visit and the staff the day I visited was supper lovely. "