Lions Club of Northcote - Thornbury Op Shop Lions Club of Northcote

735 High Street, Thornbury VIC


Mon - Fri 10am-2pm
Sat 9.30am-1pm
Sun closed

Eftpos: No

User Rating: 2.3 (3 votes)

Reviews of Lions Club of Northcote - Thornbury Op Shop


"Don’t accept returns on broken electronics even within hours with receipt, inconsistent pricing/hours , expensive compared to other local opshops "


"Well I have just come from there (Mon 13th Feb) and the man and woman behind the counter didn't even acknowledge my presence and didn't have the courtesy to say "Thankyou" when I placed 3 bags of laundered (and lovely) clothes on their counter. I would never return. There were no customers in the shop."


"This is my favourite op-shop in Darebin: the people who volunteer and work there are so friendly, especially Matthew! The shop is easy to get around and there is a terrific turnover of stuff. Each time I go there there's different stuff on offer; books and CDs are really reasonably priced (unlike at some other op shops at the other end of High Street) t-shirts are also only a dollar. This op shop supports really worthy Lions Club projects. It's large, airy, and it's easy to lose about half an hour poking around inside as there's so much to see. I love this place!"