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51 Main Street Proserpine QLD 4800
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Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

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Reviews of Lifeline Shop Proserpine


"Hi Deborah, I understand. Today I was shadowed whilst browsing. A Caucasian lady was shopping too, before me. But I was the one that was followed. I thought maybe it's a coincidence, so I moved she moved beside me or behind me. I knew I was not going to steal anything. I have donated MANY ITEMS, voluntarily to this store. Most recent were 2 children's small suitcase, with wheels, 1 was Cars & the other had small picture on them. Both in good condition, as I looked after them. Is was thanked profusely. There were 2 workers on today. I have left negative feedback with Lifeline phoneline help number. I too had axtive wear, 2 singlets. 1 without a price tag, I was told its $7, I.said theres no tag. Its $7 because its Lorna Jane, well that partixular Lorna Jane was made in China. Lorna Jane ?? It said that but, if it looks like Lorna Jane & smells like Lorna Jane, Made in China, makes it NOT Lorna Jane. "


"Today I shopped for active wear at lifeline main street proserpine, I try and do the right thing and carry a reusable cotton bag for my purchases. I tried on 2 items and put them back onto the coat hangers and proceeded to hang them back up on the rack a lady worker approached me and said I will put them back for you it is my job. My husband bought and paid for a pair of trousers. As we walked down the street a woman from the life line shop followed quickly behind and stopped me and asked if I had paid for the dresses, so I was accused of stealing.I followed her back into the shop and emptied my cotton shopping bag onto the floor. . I am an honest law biding middle aged woman who has always been a very loyal and supportive customer of proserpine lifeline.They have just lost a good customer. Never will I ever in my life step foot into that door again. To make things worse I have a mental illness of social anxiety and chronic anxiety."


"Do You have any jobs available?"