Greenhills Salvos Salvation Army

Shop 4-5, The Village, 1 Garnet Road
(02) 4933 9755


Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm Sat 9am-2pm

User Rating: 1.7 (3 votes)

Reviews of Greenhills Salvos


"Unfortunately, Christine is extremely rude. Please head over to the Vinnie's down the road."


"Hi. I was about to volunteer at the East Maitland Store after being contact with Chrissychris (manager I assume). When I got to the store and asked Nancy at the counter if I could talk to Chris I was directed to the lunchroom. After knocking and being told to come in, I introduced myself to Chris and she told me to wait she'd be there In a minute. I politely did as she said for about 5 minutes as I heard her slapping away at the computer keys. Important email. I assumed. She then made for the toilet, finished in there and proceeded back to the lunchroom to sit down. I had been waiting close to 15-20 minutes before I decided MY time obviously wasn't important. I've been to this Salvo store before and served by this woman Chris and believe me, her customer manner is appalling. I thought maybe if she spent half the time she must in front of the mirror applying (a 3rd world nation's yearly income in) makeup to her face as she did appreciating her customers they'd be tickled pink with the service. Lets just say, I was surprised to note you were still employing her. Unfortunately this experience has been the straw that's broken the camels back for me. I will now be giving my time to a more worthwhile charity."


"A large shop, with good size sorting. If you're looking for a black skirt, you'll find it there!
There is usually a good range of glasses, plates, pots etc, and tablecloths, quilt covers etc"