Reverse Garbage Reverse Garbage

30 Carrington Road, Marrickville
02 95693132


Mon - Sat 9 to 5
Sun 9 to 4

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 4 (3 votes)


Come with an open mind as you never know what you will find at Australia's largest creative reuse centre which diverts industrial and commercial discards from landfill. Textiles, haberdashery, arts and crafts resources, tools, furniture, perspex, timber, rubber, leather offcuts, theatre props, street banners, stationery and so much more.

Reviews of Reverse Garbage


"These are the 2 best op shops in town. They are very different from each other. The Bower is full of house fittings, doors, windows, furniture and tools, need an extra hose for your vacumm cleaner? This is the place to find it. They do a great line in refurbished bikes and scooters. Upstairs books and records. It's very very cheap too. I have told them so on several occasions to no avail. They are very limited in space, so ring if you have large stuff to donate. They have a very active 'men's shed' so repairs can be done on request. They have wonderful refurbished furniture from various outside workers. Reverse garbage is my all time fave op shop. Unlike any other op shop in Sydney, tho Hobart has a couple, called 'tip shops' and there is a Reverse Garbage in Brisbane. It is really full of 'industrial disgards'. off cuts of leather, left over fabric from upholsterers, pattern books and sample swatches from clothing firms. Paper by the ream, if you have arty kids, give them $10.oo and they will be able to buy enough paper to last them a month. Please give the kids the money on entry, don't stand at the counter negociating with them. There is some furniture, a lot of timber and framing materials, and shadecloth/blinds/curtains end-of-rolls. Never the same stuff twice. If you find something you want, buy it, cos it will never be there again. It's cheap, and the prices are varied for regulars and teachers. It's the Best!"


"Quite a mixed bag - it's definitely not your usual 'op shop' - more like a remnants centre. You can never predict what you'll find, but the place is dominated by new items surplus to needs. For instance, stationery, fabric offcuts, promotional items, sunglasses by the hundreds. Good for props or projects. The book, music and DVD rooms are bursting at the seams, while out the back there's quite a range of building materials from doors to toilets. Prices are pretty good in general, and you may find some real gems - two of my favourite finds were a heavy-duty stick-tape dispenser and a neat 1960-s typewriter in good condition for $10. It's not really a retro shop, but again, you won't know unless you go!"


"The Bower is separate to Reverse Garbage - make sure you look for it."