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User Rating: 2.4 (12 votes)

Reviews of Salvos Tempe


"The prices at this OP Shop are outrageous!! What's happened to the ethos of the Salvation Army? This store is geared towards the elite.. the well paid. $195 for a woollen blanket that has been DONATED? Sheesh! I'm appalled and disgusted that people in REAL need have simply been OUTPRICED. I can shop and buy NEW items that this "business" is charging for second hand. As I said.. it's a business.. no charity heart here. "


"I was almost embarrassed for the staff to have to sell furniture at such unreasonable prices, $360 for one single dining chair, used and fabric needed reupholstering, I have seen them for free on gumtree, not to mention the prices of clothing, may be designer but years old, please stop embarrassing the charity, I was a loyal customer but no more, "


"Totally agree with other comments?...everything is way overpriced,example,record at this store $12..same record in better condition $3...crystal elephant (been there for 6mth or so )$28...same one at salvo warringah $11 ETC...IF YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF!KEEP SHOPPING HERE!! BETTER BARGAINS ELSEWHERE "


"An expensive store, unfortunately. I have bought some good furniture there that was reasonably priced, but the clothes, books and bric-a-brac are far too expensive for those of us on a budget. "


"quality is poor but prices kep going up, one can find the odd bargain but usually stuff is overpriced"


"I agree this so called charity shop is charging too much. I pointed out that their second hand plastic potted plants for which they were asking $12 were available new at Ikea for about $5.00 they weren't even interested. I used to give stuff to Vinnies thinking that those less fortunate would get something cheap and Vinnies would make money for their good causes , now I donate elsewhere.."


"COME ON GUYS...... people who aren't well off need to shop at op shops as they can't afford retail. What are these prices? Very less than charitable.Too expensive. Get a grip and stopping ripping people off. "


"Laughable to say the least. I usually don't bag Op Shops, but felt the need to this time. Rude, uppity Staff, over inflated prices etc. Seriously a JOKE "


"This store is a complete joke. This is not an op shop - more like a rip-off shop. How do they justify some of their pricing when it is more expensive than the items brought brand new. They have so much stuff and running out of spaces - this explains a lot - No one in their right mind would buy your kindly donated goods at these whatever-number-pops-out-of-my-head prices. You are in Tempe, not Vaucluse - maybe you should check out the prices in op shop in more affluent areas, that would be educational. Even prices in antique shops are better than the crap piling up in this store. "


"I don't even know where to start, everything from extremely rude staff to ripping me off $300, this is most disgusting behavior I have ever witnessed from a so called charity. I ordered a bed for close to $300 they never told me the delivery was going to be $70!! when I live down the street!! after finding out about this I asked for a refund which the establishment accepted! after going through 30 minute ordeal of a staff member processing a basic refund I have now found out that they never refunded me in the first place! they have literally stole $300 from me.. to top that off! I called up as soon as I mentioned my name they hung up on me and refused to answer any of my calls! this is literally THEFT. as it wasn't even legally a refund I requested as I never received the good in the first place! what this store has done is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. I've put all of this to the bank and they have confirmed that it is illigal.. now I have bills to pay and no food for 45 days until the bank process my claim. I could potentially become homeless and not be able to start my uni course. this has put huge stress on my life. I'm astonished that a "charity" could do this to someone and simply not care. The government needs to look into the way this charity is being run and needs to take appropriate action to make sure it is closed down and they cannot do this to anyone else. I will not rest until I have this story to every blog and every news out let in this country. DISGRACEFUL."


"I am not a very rich person and I am discuted with the prices in the Tempe salvos store. The prices they charge are shocking and all there stock they receive free. The salvos store at Rockdale is half the price as it's Tempe store. How can they justify this. They aren't helping people but ripping them off. You have to have a good paying job to be able to afford anything from that store. I for one find this disgraceful and the store pricing should be reviewed "


"The truck driver who collects donations for St Peters Salvos doesn't worry about ordinary good manners, so if you're donating, don't expect any. And even though he lowers himself to accept your offering, he'll still show his distaste for whatever it is you're giving. Don't expect a 'thank you' or any other acknowledgement - all he'll do is grudgingly admit he's prepared to take your stuff away. You might feel very bad at this stage, embarrassed about your ratty old junk that you stupidly thought was good, solid furniture. Remember, though, it's not about you. Either the driver has been presented with ratty old junk so often that he now can't tell the difference, or he's just got that sort of personality. But it can make me feel bad to have people look at my stuff as if it's rubbish and they're doing me a favour by taking it away, so I'm putting my stuff on ebay or freecycle in future. "